We want to provide safety, functionality and quality for the good moments.

Prime Grill - created for the barbecue lovers

Develop innovative products with the highest quality.
A brand with the purpose of bringing practicality to consumers.
Be synonymous of efficiency and be present in the day to day life of Brazilians.

The best barbecue starts with Prime Grill.


Tradition, quality & innovation for you!

An Interbrilho brand


Prime Grill is part of Interbrilho’s portfolio of brands, a renowned company, located in the city of Cabreúva, 60Km from the capital of São Paulo, which has been contributing to keep alive the passions of the Brazilian, bringing a new concept in automotive cleaning products, hygiene Animal and barbecue solutions. These differentials, make Interbrilho brands and products successful throughout Brazil and in several countries of the World. Brazil is a country of diversity, with many colors and tastes. Brazilian people very well represent this joy, hospitality and happiness in being with whom one loves, doing what one likes.

Passion for barbecue 


Among the many national passions, three of these passions have grown year after year and stand out in the economy, in the consumer market and in the heart of the people: the passion for cars, the passion for pets and the passion for barbecue.


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