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The Prime Grill line came to meet one of the main passions of the Brazilian people: the barbecue. Develop innovative, safe and practical products so that the good moments of life can be celebrated with joy, practicality and lots of flavor.

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Fire Starters

Lighting the barbecue was not always easy. With the line of professional lighters, you solve this problem in less than 5 minutes. Safe, without risk of explosion and totally without odor.


Professional sharpening directly in your home! Prime Grill Sharpening Stones have two levels of edging: one with coarse grit for thinning and one layer with fine grit for finishing and polishing.


Prime Grill cleaning line is extremely practical, efficient and easy to use. With high cleaning power, it guarantees the removal of fats impregnated in grills, skewers, cookers and ovens. Painlessly!

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