The best barbecue starts here.

We want to provide safety, practicality and quality for lovers of good times.

A brand from the Interbrilho Group

From the passion for barbecue, Prime Grill was born

Develop innovative and highest quality products. A brand with the purpose of bringing practicality to consumers. Being synonymous with efficiency and being present in the daily lives of Brazilians.

Quality and Trust

Prime Grill is part of the Interbrilho brand portfolio, a renowned company, located in the city of Cabreúva, 60 km from the capital of São Paulo, which has been contributing to keeping Brazilians’ passions alive, bringing a new concept in automotive cleaning and hygiene products. animal and barbecue solutions. These differences make Interbrilho brands and products successful throughout Brazil and in several countries around the world. Brazil is a country of diversity, with many colors and tastes. And the Brazilian people represent very well this joy, hospitality and happiness in being with those you love, doing what you like.


To be a team focused on meeting the needs of customers and consumers, always adding value and innovation.


To be the leading brand and inspire passion in the segments we operate in!


Seriousness, ethics, seeking commitment from all employees to safety, technology and innovation, to better serve our consumers.

Passion for barbecue

Among the various national passions, three of these passions have grown year after year and stood out in the economy, in the consumer market and in the hearts of the people: the passion for cars, the passion for pets and the passion for barbecue.

Integrated Management System Policy

Ensure continuous improvement of the integrated management system with decisions based on risk analysis and information from processes, seeking to focus on the customer, improving service and relationships with all interested parties and complying with applicable requirements.